Angelina Jolie wearing a LANA MARKS Cleopatra Clutch on the 2009 Academy Awards Red Carpet

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LANA MARKS featured in’s “Need it Now”

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Helen Mirren wearing a LANA MARKS Cleopatra Clutch at the 2007 Academy Awards

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From People Magazine:

helen mirren people mag oscars 07 #1

HELEN MIRREN Inside her $250,000 Lana Marks clutch? Royalty never tells. But with this bag, which accompanied the Best Actress to the podium, it’s what’s outside that counts: 776 diamonds.

Source: People Magazine

LANA MARKS and Lorenzo Riva at Rome Haute Couture Shows

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Designer to the Stars Lana Marks Visits Dubai

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Designer to the Stars LANA MARKS In Dubai talks fame, fashion and her celebrity following.

07 Hello3 08 Hello4

As Dame Helen Mirren stepped up to the podium to accept her Oscar for Best Actress, she looked every inch the iconic movie star. Dressed elegantly in a sumptuous Christian Lacroix gown, The Queen star was undoubtedly the belle of the ball. “Here I am with my purse…” she said waving her U.S. $250,000 diamond studded Cleopatra Clutch from Lana Marks. The 62-year-old actress was clearly captivated by her precious purse – and she’s not the only one. Mirren is just one of the many red carpet regulars who opted to cary a Lana Marks bag on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year. Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Aniston are also fans.

But it’s not just the Oscars that signals the arrival of the much-coveted carriers. They’ve been the toast of the Sex and the City girls in more than one episode of the show, and most recently ditzy law graduate Elle Woods carried one during the Broadway version of Legally Blonde. Fellow famous customers include the lat Princess Diana, who had one custom-made and Ophra Windfrey, who never leaves home without it.

However, despite the star following, handbag designer Lana Marks is modest, “I’m taking things slowly and I’m just glad my designs are well liked.” Not exactly the words one would expect from a woman who has had mingled with Royalty and socialized with Hollywood legends such as Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor. HELLO! caught up with the South African born designer during her recent trip to Dubai, to talk current trends and celebrity shoppers. Continue reading ‘Designer to the Stars Lana Marks Visits Dubai’

LANA MARKS Yellow and Gold Collection

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Yellow and GoldClick on the image to enlarge.

LANA MARKS Cleopatra Clutch in Town and Country

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01 2008 T&C

01 2008 T&C 2

“Lana Marks’s white alligator Cleopatra clutch features a clasp with forty carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold ($250,000). 212-355-6135;

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Source: Town and Country

LANA MARKS in Emirates Women

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Excess Baggage
Lana Marks talks exclusively to Sophia Triantafillou about why her bags have become the most wanted in Hollywood and around the globe.

“. . . Meeting Lana Marks is like meeting a Hollywood movie star from yesteryear; her style and grace preceed her. Immaculately groomed and soft spoken, the designer-to-the-stars is every bit as amazing as her bags.”

Source: Emirates Women

LANA MARKS Purse completes Chloe Sevigny’s “Look of the Day”

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From InStyle:

020708_chole_200x4001“Chloe Sevigny added a black Lana Marks purse to her floral print dress”

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LANA MARKS Zodiac Collection in ELLE’s Spring 2009 Fashion – Zodiac-Inspired Fashion Accessories

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Spring 2009 Fashion – View Zodiac-Inspired Fashion Accessories, featuring the LANA MARKS Zodiac Buckle and Belt.



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From The Australian

 “Whether it is their rarity or the diamonds and jewels that embellish them, one thing is certain: a Lana Marks bag is a fashion accessory favoured by the world’s rich and famous. The enviable Cleopatra Clutch, decorated with diamonds and inspired by Hollywood royal Elizabeth Taylor, is a handbag of choice for the Academy Awards®, for example.”

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LANA MARKS Speaks at “Old Bags” Luncheon, Unveils New Winter Line

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From New York Social Diary


“The afternoon included a speech by Lana Marks, CEO and designer of the Lana Marks brand of handbags and accessories.  Marks also unveiled her holiday collection for the first time ever through a special performance by Joffrey Ballet dancers.”

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Angelina Jolie on the Academy Awards Red Carpet, wearing a LANA MARKS Cleopatra Clutch

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Courtesy of

“Angelina Jolie is in a dress by Elie Saab, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, Ferragamo shoes and a Lana Marks bag.”

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“Indie Beauty: Chloe Sevigny” in MARIE CLAIRE featuring the LANA MARKS Cleopatra Clutch

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“LANA MARKS Cleopatra alligator clutch: ‘Too many bags flaunt huge labels. I prefer a more discreet look.'”

Chloe Sevigny talks about her LANA MARKS Cleopatra Clutch in MARIE CLAIRE.


The LANA MARKS Neptune’s Coral Collection

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