ELLE France: Lady Di, les femmes de sa vie

From ELLE France‘s “Lady Di, les femmes de sa vie”:

The Queen of Hearts had close friendships with women as well. Ten years after her death, the final secrets of the Princess have been revealed.

Diana was supposed to spend the end of that August in Milan, with her friend, the American designer Lana Marks. Everything was booked: they would go see an opera at La Scala and spend their last evening on Lake Cuomo. The women were very close: the princess called Lana three times a day. But on July 24, Lana’s father dies suddenly. The young woman has to cancel her trip.

Without this twist of fate, Diana would have been back in London on August 30. She wouldn’t have found herself, on the night of August 31, under the Alma bridge, seated in the back of a Mercedes next to Dodi al-Fayed. This was ten years ago.

Source: ELLE France

~ by lanamarks on January 19, 2010.

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